Top 10 Tips to know for P2P lending

P2P lending is a realm of its own and although it is relatively new, the many platforms available to invest in and the different forms of this kind of online investment can be confusing for beginners. Even if you already invest in a traditional way. So here you will find useful tips to get started … Leggi tutto >

Estateguru Review 2019

Overview Estateguru is the P2P lending platform specialized in short-term loans backed by real estate properties. By financing real estate loans that have a maximum length of up to 24 months, investors can expect an average rate of return of up to 12%. Pros Real estate investments that only require minimal financial commitment Loans are … Leggi tutto >

Mintos Review April, 2020

Mintos is a Lithuanian P2P lending platform and one of the best on the market. With Mintos, investors can purchase shares of loans that are granted to businesses and private parties in 29 countries around the world and in 12 different currencies. These many investment options make personalizing and diversifying portfolios quite simple. Created in … Leggi tutto >

Bondora Review April, 2020

Bondora is a P2P lending platform where individual parties offer or search for loans. The interest rates offered to investors depend both on the designated investment strategies and on the rating associated with the selected borrowers. The expected average rate of return is around 10%, with peaks exceeding 70% for the most risky loans. It … Leggi tutto >

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